Digital thinking for switched on dealers

Dealers will have to become digital disruptors and technological innovators if they are to gain ground in an increasingly diverse and digitally-orientated automotive retail landscape.

From incorporating digital innovators, which have already established themselves as part of the car purchase and aftermarket journey, into their own strategy to implementing far-reaching digital initiatives and adopting new technology in-store, dealers need to be continually looking at ways to introduce forward-thinking and progressive ideas which will appeal to the modern motorist.

The main stage focuses on how digital has already disrupted the automotive and wider retail landscape and how its influence will continue to evolve the way consumers buy and service their vehicles. The masterclasses will explore specific ways in which dealers can harness digital and technology even further to ensure their continued stake in the ground.

As consumers incorporate more and more digital aspects into their purchase journey, we could well see retailers which deliver an experience worthy of a tech, savvy, connected consumer as the ones which will be the most successful.

We explore how the digital revolution is being embraced by forward-thinking dealers both online and in-store and the ways in which they are combining both.


We will look at the vast swathes of data which is being amassed and identify the metrics that matter. We will also highlight the technological advances which could be heading your way including how it works, what it means and how it benefits retailers.

Data analysis of new car buyers from our sponsor Carwow will seek to shed light on some of the thinking behind users of its website. We will tackle questions such as whether consumers who are looking for a different method of purchase are a new breed of customer or if there is a trend among car buyers which is seeing them shift their approach online.

Attending AM’s Digital Dealer Conference will provide you with the insight and knowledge to delicately weave the increasingly sophisticated and complex forces at play on and off-line in order to deliver the simple and seamless experience demanded by the customer.