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The AM Digital Dealer Conference 2013

Today’s digital dealer needs to keep an eye on the tweet-deck, one step ahead of Google and maintain simultaneous online conversations whilst all the time keeping a finger on the pulse.

With so much information at the disposal of motor retailers and their customers, it can be difficult to even tread water in the ever-growing pool of digital channels so it’s little wonder sometimes retailers must feel like they’re drowning.

From our own feedback, experiences and engagement with our retail readership and delegate attendees, we’re confident you know your SEO from your social media but how conversant are you when it comes to differentiating Twitter and Twuffer or having the right resource in place to deliver compelling content marketing and brilliantly written blogs whilst mining the Google goldmine for effective data? What should be forming part of your digital armoury and what can safely take second place? And with the wealth of information available, what do you need to extract and how do you apply it to boost your digital presence, website performance and ultimately drive customers to your dealerships?

At this year’s Digital Dealer Conference, our objective is to strip back the complexly layered and multi-faceted digital market place in which everyone is vying for the attention of the time-strapped and media-savvy consumer.

We won’t be going back to basics, though, we don’t think there’s a need. Instead, we’ll be delving deeper into topics like Twitter and Facebook which are now fundamental tools in the battle for customer retention and a significant milestone in the journey from browser to prospect and enquiry conversion to customer.

On our dig for digital treasure, we will also be providing you with the knowledge and power to up your virtual game at your business with tangible solutions for immediate implementation as well as food for thought on how to fine-tune your strategy to achieve the best results.

The AM Digital Dealer Conference is more than a reassurance you are on the right road: it offers clarity and direction to enable you to firmly grasp your digital strategy and go boldly into new but not unchartered territory and leave the competition behind.

Our one day event will be split between plenary ‘key note’ sessions and more practical hands on workshop sessions – focusing on relevant content reflecting our extensive dealer research.

The event also includes the AM Digital Fair made up of a limited number of trade stands to help dealer professionals gain insight into current digital practices and learn about the latest emerging technologies, innovations and social media solutions.