The AM Digital Dealer Conference 2014

Retailing in a constantly shifting and rapidly progressing environment is challenging. To succeed in today’s fast-paced, always-on world, the modern dealership has to be a digital and technological hub.
AM’s annual Digital Dealer Conference grows in popularity every year and, not surprisingly, the content changes dramatically from one year to the next as the landscape radically transforms.

Keeping pace with the tech-savvy, connected consumer let alone meeting their requirements is demanding and ever-changing. Meanwhile manufacturers are working hard to ensure their customers a consistently high standard brand experience whether online, in the showroom or by other communication methods and much of the undertaking inevitably rests with the dealer. With both manufacturer and customer expectations continuing to grow, the pressure on dealers to be digital experts and innovators is immense.

Dealerships incorporate a host of systems and complex processes to ensure the consumer’s experience is as slick in the showroom as it is when accessing information online. From state-of-the-art software applications, which can organise everything from invoicing to car valeting, to vehicle reports by video and from real time communication via social media to customer-in-control portals, the technology at work behind-the-scenes is as sophisticated and seamless as that at work under the bonnet of the cars customers drive.

This year’s conference addresses the latest in digital innovation including exploring how technology has revolutionised the way a sales consultant works whilst exploring the changing face of social media as channels such as Facebook reduces its organic reach as part of a wider advertising revenue drive.

We gather together top level speakers for the main stage who will provide insight and analysis to help dealers create a fully functioning and advanced high-tech operation whilst identifying future trends to enable the best strategies to be implemented to stay ahead of the game.

Attending AM’s Digital Dealer Conference will provide you with the information and understanding you need to sustain your business’ momentum and develop an even stronger strategy which will single you out as the people with whom to do business.

Keynote stage sessions will be punctuated with hands-on and highly informative workshops whilst the AM Digital Fair, made up of limited but carefully selected trade stands, provide dealers with access to some of the foremost suppliers in automotive retail today.