The AM Digital Dealer Conference 2015

In a world where the digital and physical is colliding and where seamless integration of the two now defines the most successful retailers, digital permeates practically every layer of your business and your customers’ experience.

You don’t need a conference to tell you digital rules, but you do need the insight, new thinking and latest innovations to keep you in play and finely tune your winning strategy.

This year’s conference addresses the latest in digital innovation by focusing on three distinct areas: Content; Analytics and Data; and Customer Experience online and in-store.

We take a closer look at the key components of a consumer’s interaction with a business – online and the content which drives them to make contact; the analytics and data which provides intelligent insight to ensure you are giving consumers the information they demand; and the experience itself, firstly in the digital sphere and then once they make contact or visit the dealership.

We gather together top level speakers for the main stage who will provide insight and analysis to enable delegates to better create a fully functioning and advanced high-tech operation.

Attending AM’s Digital Dealer Conference will provide you with the insight and knowledge to delicately weave the increasingly sophisticated and complex forces at play on and off-line in order to deliver the simple and seamless experience demanded by the customer.

Keynote stage sessions will be punctuated with hands-on and highly informative workshops whilst the AM Digital Fair, made up of limited but carefully selected trade stands, provide dealers with access to some of the foremost suppliers in automotive retail today.